AVA Inclusivity, architects of pioneering accessibility solutions for immersive spaces, today announced a collaboration with Ocean 3D, a world leader in virtual tour creation. Ocean 3D will be integrating AVA Inclusivity’s AVT (Accessible Virtual Tour) software into their interactive 360° tours. The AVT software provides a suite of innovative features designed to ensure a more accessible, inclusive and enriching experience for users with disabilities and those requiring the use of assistive technology. The collaboration with Ocean 3D underscores AVA Inclusivity’s commitment to advancing accessibility in the virtual space.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Chris Wood and the outstanding team at Ocean 3D.” said Gregg Leonard, Co-Founder and Director of AVA Inclusivity. “AVA Inclusivity believes that virtual space is public space, and public space must be accessible to all. Ocean 3D is doing vital and important work to open up access to public spaces. They create state-of-the-art virtual tours and are leaders in the field. AVA Inclusivity is thrilled that our AVT software has now become part of their solution.”

Chris Wood, Director of Ocean 3D, expressed excitement about the collaboration with AVA Inclusivity and the impact on accessibility. “Our goal is to create an interactive tour of every location in the UK where some users may be currently discouraged, excluded, or discriminated against visiting. These new features, developed in collaboration with AVA Inclusivity, represent a significant leap toward achieving that goal of making our tours truly accessible to almost everyone.”

“This is a screen-captured image from a virtual tour of a large foyer with a colorful mural on the left wall. At the far end of the foyer a hallway continues down the left wall, a stairway goes up in the center, and a doorway leads to a room beyond. Overlaying the image are directional menus the user can roll over and utilize.”


The AVT software provides intuitive navigation and content display, making virtual tours welcoming and usable for many people with vision, hearing, mobility, and cognitive disabilities.

Some key features of AVA Inclusivity’s AVT software include: tour components that work with assistive technologies, such as screen readers, optional keyboard navigation to access all functions, text available to screen readers through proper markup, logical and intuitive navigation layout, high contrast display options,
alt-text descriptions which can be applied to embedded images, and easy to navigate points of interest tags which are reactive to the user location in the digital environment.

Both AVA Inclusivity and Ocean 3D remain dedicated to their joint mission of creating more accessible, engaging and informative spaces that are open to everyone, leading to a more equitable and inclusive digital

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About AVA Inclusivity:
AVA Inclusivity is a leading accessibility solutions provider, dedicated to creating inclusive environments for individuals with diverse needs. They developed the first WCAG conformed digitally accessible virtual tour with their ground-breaking tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House, a UNESCO World Heritage site. They
have since adopted their proprietary technology to create the AVT, an easy-to-implement “plug and play” digital accessibility solution for virtual spaces. The collaboration with Ocean 3D underscores AVA Inclusivity’s commitment to advancing accessibility in the virtual space.

About Ocean 3D:
Ocean 3D is an international thought leader and creator of interactive tours based in Penzance, in The Duchy of Cornwall, United Kingdom. Passionate about making spaces more accessible and inclusive, the company’s cloud-based tours work seamlessly across various devices, including VR headsets, smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

For media and all other inquiries, please contact:
Gregg Leonard – Director, AVA Inclusivity